Renewing driving license can very hectic and time consuming.

This is an attempt to help drivers get accurate information to enable them renew their license successfully.

Information on this is is regularly updated to include new policies. Contact us for additional information or clarification.

Renewing Drivers License Guide

Your driver’s licence expiry date is printed below your licence number

You must renew your driving licence card four weeks before its expiry date. If you renew it after the expiry date, you will have to apply for a temporary driving licence at an additional cost while waiting for your driving licence to be issued.

Note: You will not be required to take a driving test when you renew your driving licence. You will undergo eye testing and your fingerprints will be taken. Alternatively, you can have your eyes tested by an optometrist and submit the report at the driving licence testing centre (DLTC). If your sight has worsened from the date on which your licence was issued, new conditions will be attached to your licence.