Admission Bachelor's programs for international students

By | November 21, 2022

Admission Bachelor’s programs for international students

How to apply

Applicants should submit the online application form and all application documents to the TU/e International Office by May 1 at the latest.
Some documents can simply be uploaded in the online application form, others must also be sent by post to the International Office. Full information is given in the online application form.
Your diplomas will be evaluated to determine whether they are equivalent to Dutch pre-university diplomas (especially with respect to mathematics and physics).
The TU/e application procedure takes approximately two months. You will be informed by email about the outcome of your application.
Application documents
Upload and send by post (NB Please only send these documents by post)

  • application overview
  • Certified copies of diplomas and grade lists from all formal education including secondary school. The documents must be authorized with original stamps and signatures. We fully understand that you may not yet have your final grades and school diploma when you apply to TU/e. In that case, please send your most recent list of grades. These must be certfied copies or original documents.
  • If your diploma and grade list are not available in English, Dutch, German or German, please included an authenticated translation with your application documents.
  • Proof of language proficiency in Dutch and/or English (depending on the language of the chosen TU/e Bachelor’s program).

Upload in the online application form

  • Proof that you have transfered the tuition fee deposit
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Curriculum vitae.

All documents in a language other than Dutch, English, French or German should be accompanied by translations into one of these languages by a certified translator (authenticated translation).
Application documents submitted to the TU/e become the property of the TU/e. Application documents will not be returned. Documents from candidates who are not submitted to the TU/e will be destroyed one year after the close of the application period.
Addresses and contact
Questions to or phone +31 (0)40 2474747
If you are sending your application by courier service
Attn. Mr. H. C. Sepers
Eindhoven University of Technology
Education & Student Service Center
Admissions Office (MF 1.300)
De Rondom 70
The Netherlands
If you are sending your application by post
Eindhoven University of Technology
Education & Student Service Center
Admissions Office (MF 1.300)
PO Box 513
The Netherlands

Admission requirements for international students

TU/e welcomes students from all over the world, but before we can grant admission we need to check that your previous educational background is at a sufficient level to participate succesfully in a TU/e program. This includes a specific level of mathematics and physics in the last two years of secondary education.

Dutch pre-University (vwo) diploma or equivalent

A Dutch pre-University (vwo) diploma qualifies a student for admission to the Dutch Bachelor’s programs of Eindhoven University of Technology. If you do not have a Dutch pre-university diploma (vwo) other requirements apply. Your secondary education must be recognized as being equivalent to the Dutch vwo diploma.
Please note that no rights can be derived from this information and the final admissibility to the program will always be determined by the Admissions Office.
The requirements for a number of countries are detailed under “Requirements per country“.

Dutch nationality with previous education outside the Netherlands

Students with the Dutch nationality, who have completed their previous education outside the Netherlands, are unable to use the Studielink route to admission. They must follow the procedure described on this and the following pages.

Application procedure

All applicants must provide a full application package before any decision can be taken on admission to a Bachelor’s program. It is not possible for TU/e to give an indication of eligibility without first receiving a full application package.
The TU/e application procedure takes approximately two months.
All applicants are required to pay a tuition fee deposit of €100 for each application.