Does UniSA offer nursing?

Yes, UNISA does offer nursing qualifications. Specifically, UNISA provides a Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science with a qualification stream in Health Services Management, Education, and Community Health. This undergraduate program is structured to equip students with skills, knowledge, and experience in various critical areas of nursing and healthcare management. Key Details of the Program: … Read more

Which TVET colleges work with Unisa?

Unisa has an agreement with a number of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges to offer tuition for selected qualifications, but primarily higher certificates. These classes have proved to mostly improve the throughput rate of students who enrol for them. Successful completion of the higher certificates may give you a better chance to qualify for … Read more

Which private colleges does Unisa credit?

UNISA offers specific exemption arrangements for each of its colleges, allowing students to transfer credits from previous studies, including those from other universities or equivalent institutions. These arrangements are particularly relevant for students who are registering for a new qualification or transferring from another university and seek credit or exemption transfer. Here’s a detailed look … Read more

Which South Cape TVET colleges are in collaboration with Unisa?

The South Cape TVET College campuses collaborating with Unisa to offer accredited programmes include Beaufort West, Bitou, George, Mossel Bay, and Oudtshoorn. These campuses provide the Bachelor of Education Degree (BEd) Foundation Phase and the L5 Higher Certificate in Adult Basic Education and Training (HC Abet) through a combination of distance learning, face-to-face learning, and … Read more

Which TVET College offers teaching courses?

Discovering the Path to Teaching through TVET Colleges in South Africa In the quest to shape future generations, teaching stands out as a noble and impactful profession. South Africa’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges offer a unique pathway for those aspiring to enter the educational field. These institutions are instrumental in equipping … Read more

How many points are needed for teaching?

The University of South Africa (UNISA) is one of the leading institutions offering distance education in South Africa, providing a variety of qualifications across numerous fields, including education. For individuals aspiring to become educators and looking to embark on this journey through UNISA, understanding the admission requirements, particularly the Admission Point Score (APS) needed for … Read more

What is the APS score for TVET College?

The concept of an APS (Admission Point Score) is primarily used in the context of admission to universities in South Africa, where it is calculated based on a student’s Matric results to determine eligibility for specific courses or programs. TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) colleges, however, do not typically use the APS system … Read more

Can I study at UJ with 18 points?

Based on the APS requirements listed for the University of Johannesburg (UJ), you can study at UJ with 18 points in specific faculties. Here are the faculties where an APS of 18 meets the minimum requirement: These are the areas where an APS of 18 would meet the minimum requirements for admission. However, it’s important … Read more