Can I study architecture without Art?

Architecture is a field that combines both technical and creative skills, and a background in art can certainly be beneficial for those studying architecture. However, it is not strictly necessary to have studied art in order to study architecture.

Many architecture programs require some coursework in art and design, as well as other related subjects such as history and theory of architecture, building technology, and structures. These courses will help develop your visual and spatial skills, as well as give you a broader understanding of the field of architecture.

In addition to formal coursework, it’s also important for aspiring architects to develop their own artistic and design skills through personal projects and experimentation. This can be done through sketching, model-making, and other forms of hands-on learning.

There are also some universities that have specialized programs for those students who may not have a background in art, providing them with extra art-based courses, to improve their skills before they enter to the major, such as: pre-architecture programs, or foundation year for Architecture.

In summary, you do not need to have a background in art to study architecture, but it can be beneficial and the programs often include and require some art-based courses, and personal projects to develop skills.

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