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STATSSA Bursary Programme 2014

STATSSA Bursary Programme 2014 Closing Date: 30 January 2012 Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) has established a bursary scheme to offer financial assistan

University of Cape Town UCT Undergraduate Funding Scenarios

University of Cape Town UCT Undergraduate Funding Scenarios Examples of the Calculation of Financial Assistance (1st year of study) Studying and living in a catering residence Course Fees R48 000 Catering Residence R51 000 Catered Meal Plan R21 800 Incidental Allowance (eg. toiletries,airtime) R2 500 Books R 3 800 Tota

AFROX Bursary in South Africa 2021

AFROX Bursary in South Africa 2019 – 2019 ABOUT THE BURSARY African Oxygen Limited, known as “Afrox” was founded in 1927 and is the leader in gases and weld

Investec Bursary in South Africa 2021

Investec Bursary in South Africa 2019 – 2019 ABOUT THE BURSAR Founded in 1974 in Johannesburg, South Africa by trio Ian Kantor, Larry Nestadt and Errol Grol

PWC CA Bursary Programme 2015

PWC CA Bursary Programme 2015 Responsibilities Bursary holders are required to serve a three year (minimum) training contract with the firm on completion of

Stellenbosch University Bloemhof Trust Bursary

Stellenbosch University Bloemhof Trust Bursary Who qualifies? Bursaries are allocated to Afrikaans-speaking students on the ground of neediness, academic merit, sport achievement, leadership and family bond with SU. Applications: This bursary has a unique application form that you can find at Closing

University of Cape Town UCT Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship

University of Cape Town UCT Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships: are valued at R40 000 per annum it is an entrance scholarship and are not awarded in addition to faculty & Entrance scholarships are valid for three years, subject to a recipient being named on the Dean’s Merit List in his/her fac

Anglo American COAL Bursary 2021

Anglo American COAL Bursary 2019 – 2019 ABOUT THE BURSAR Anglo American is one of the largest mining companies in the world, operating in five continents, m

Learnerships ,Bursaries and Internships Closing in April 2021

Learnerships ,Bursaries, Traineeships, Internships and Apprenticeships in South Africa Closing in April 2019 Scholarships, Learnerships, Graduate/Internships Apprenticeship, Traineeships Closing In April 2019 What is Learnership and how does it work? A learnership is a work based learning programme that leads to an NQF