General Admission Requirements for Rhodes University

Admission Requirements at Rhodes University (RU)

Your admission to Rhodes University (RU) hinges on meeting the specific admission requirements or Admission Point Score (APS) for your chosen qualification. Failure to meet these requirements may necessitate considering alternative qualifications or, if eligible, enrollment in an extended program (refer to the college admission requirements), which allows registration for limited modules in the first year.

Rhodes University Admission Requirements:

Entry Requirements:

  • Your application will only be considered for admission if you qualify for Bachelor’s degree study AND satisfy the faculty requirements.
  • To qualify with a Bachelor’s pass status, learners must take seven subjects, including four compulsory subjects (two languages, Life Orientation, and either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy), and three subjects of their choice.
  • For admission to degree studies, at least four of the seven subjects must be from the list of ‘designated subjects’ and achieve a rating of 4 (adequate achievement 50 – 59%) or above.

Designated Subject List:

  • Accounting
  • Agricultural Science
  • Business Studies
  • Consumer Studies
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Engineering Graphics and Design
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Information Technology
  • Languages
  • Life Sciences
  • Music
  • Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy
  • Religion Studies
  • Physical Science
  • Visual Arts

Note: Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

How to Calculate Your Admission Point Score (APS):

  • The percentages achieved in National Senior Certificate examinations (preliminary and final examinations) are allocated an admissions score.
  • The sum of six subject scores, excluding Life Orientation but including English and any other required subject(s) for the relevant program, is considered for admission.
  • Results below 40% for any subject do not attract a score. Mathematics Paper 3 does not contribute to the APS score.
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Examples of Points Calculations:

  • English Home Language: 78% = 7.8 points
  • Afrikaans/isiXhosa first/Additional Language: 73% = 7.3 points
  • Mathematics: 69% = 6.9 points
  • Life Sciences: 70% = 7.0 points
  • Dramatic Arts: 89% = 8.9 points
  • Accounting: 73% = 7.3 points
  • Life Orientation: 90% = 0 points
  • Additional Mathematics: 60% = 0 points
  • Total Points: 45.2 points

Dean’s Decisions:

  • Offers are usually made based on provisional results, pending final examinations. Conditional offers may be made if provisional scores are promising.
  • If the APS score is below 45 points for automatic acceptance, consideration may still be given at the Dean’s discretion. Offers with APS scores of 38 – 44 may be considered with additional conditions.

Extended Studies Programme:

  • This program offers an alternative route to university studies at Rhodes, particularly for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Successful candidates undergo a supportive learning environment and an extended degree program over an additional year.

National Benchmark Tests (NBT’s):

  • First-time university-entering South African applicants are advised to write the NBT’s.
  • NBT results may be used by the Dean to make decisions on applications or in cases where entrance requirements are not met in final examinations.

International Requirements:

  • Applicants with 40 points and above receive firm offers, while those with 37 – 39 points remain on hold for further consideration.
  • International applicants must meet specific requirements based on their educational qualifications.

Faculty Requirements:

  • Different qualifications have specific requirements in terms of points, Dean’s discretion, and extended studies. For instance, Mathematics is a prerequisite for certain programs like Commerce and Economics.

Note: Life Orientation is not counted for points but is required for acceptance. Candidates with older versions of the South African Senior Certificate must provide a certified copy of their matriculation exemption certificate. Additionally, for Law studies, specific subject requirements must be met, including a minimum level in Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy.

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