How do I put my notice in Government Gazette?

To put a notice in the Government Gazette in South Africa, you can follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your notice: Draft your notice according to the prescribed format and content requirements. Ensure that it includes all the necessary information and adheres to the specific guidelines provided by the Government Gazette.
  2. Register on the eGazette portal: South Africa provides an online platform called the eGazette portal for submitting notices electronically. Visit the eGazette website ( and register for an account. Fill in the required details and create a username and password.
  3. Access the eGazette portal: Log in to the eGazette portal using your registered username and password.
  4. Submit your notice: Once logged in, follow the instructions provided on the portal to submit your notice. Upload the notice document in the required format, along with any supporting documents or forms, as specified by the eGazette system.
  5. Pay the required fees: Depending on the type of notice and the publication you choose, there may be fees associated with publishing in the Government Gazette. The eGazette portal will provide details on the applicable fees and payment methods. Ensure that you make the necessary payment as instructed.
  6. Review and confirm submission: Before finalizing your submission, carefully review the information provided, including the notice content, supporting documents, and payment details. Confirm that everything is accurate and complete.
  7. Track the progress: The eGazette portal allows you to track the progress of your submission. You can monitor the status of your notice, whether it has been received, reviewed, accepted, or published.
  8. Obtain proof of publication: Once your notice is published in the Government Gazette, you can request a proof of publication for your records. This can be useful for legal or administrative purposes.