How to check the application status at WSU

Monitoring the status of your application to Walter Sisulu University (WSU) is an important part of the application process. It allows you to stay informed about your application’s progress and any further actions you may need to take. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to check your application status at WSU:

Step 1: Keep Your Application Details Handy

After submitting your application to WSU, make sure you keep your application details, such as your application number and personal information, in a safe place. You’ll need these details to check your application status online.

Step 2: Visit the WSU Website

  • Go to the WSU Official Website: Start by visiting the official WSU website. Look for the admissions section or a direct link to the application portal. WSU’s website is designed to be user-friendly and provide easy navigation to all prospective and current students.

Step 3: Navigate to the Application Status Section

  • Find the Application Status Link: Within the admissions section or on the application portal, locate the link or section titled ‘Check Application Status’ or something similar. This is where you’ll be able to log in and view the status of your application.

Step 4: Log In with Your Details

  • Enter Your Application Details: You will be prompted to log in using your application number and possibly other personal information, such as your birth date or ID number. Enter the required details carefully to ensure access to your application status.

Step 5: View Your Application Status

  • Check Your Status: Once logged in, you should be able to view the current status of your application. The status might indicate whether your application is still under review, if you’ve been accepted, waitlisted, or if further information is required from you.
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Understanding Your Application Status

  • Under Review: Your application is still being processed.
  • Accepted: Congratulations, you have been accepted into your program of choice. Further instructions will likely be provided for the next steps.
  • Waitlisted: You meet the admission criteria, but admission is pending based on space availability.
  • Further Information Required: You may need to submit additional information or documents. Follow the provided instructions closely.
  • Not Accepted: If your application was not successful, consider reaching out for feedback or exploring other programs or institutions.

Next Steps After Checking Your Status

  • Follow Up on Required Actions: If additional information or actions are required from your side, make sure to complete these as soon as possible.
  • Prepare for Registration: If you’ve been accepted, start preparing for the next steps, such as registration, orientation, and securing accommodation if needed.
  • Keep Records: Keep a record of all communications and documents submitted or received throughout the application process.

If You Encounter Issues

If you have trouble accessing your application status or have any concerns about the information displayed, don’t hesitate to contact WSU’s admissions office for assistance. Provide them with your application number and the details of the issue you’re facing.


Checking your application status at Walter Sisulu University is a straightforward process that can be done online. By following these steps, you can ensure that you are up-to-date with your application progress and are ready to take the necessary next steps towards your academic journey at WSU.