Important notice to students about NSFAS

By | June 21, 2019

Important notice to students about NSFAS

Please note that allowances for qualifying NSFAS students will be released as an upfront payment from 3 – 10 March .

Students should note that the final award cannot be determined at this stage, it will depend on the amount received from NSFAS and the number of students who qualify. The University Financial Aid Committee, in consultation with NSFAS, will determine the funding priorities and you will be informed in due course.

When requested to sign the Electronic Loan Agreement form please do this immediately, as signing this contract will ensure the release of allowances. Students who do not sign will not receive any allowances and their allocation may be cancelled. Consult with your local Financial Aid Office (FAO) for assistance and further information. Bear in mind that if you have a calculated Expected Family Contribution it will be deducted from your award and the payment thereof is your responsibility.

Report to your FAO, if you are uncertain about your application status, or have general queries regarding the NSFAS funding application, as soon as possible.