Is there a difference between Code 8 and Code 10 learners test?

Yes, there is a difference between the Code 8 and Code 10 learners tests in South Africa. These codes refer to different types of driver’s licenses that allow you to operate different categories of vehicles.

  1. Code 8: The Code 8 learners test and license are for operating light motor vehicles, including cars, minibusses, and small trucks (GVM not exceeding 3,500 kg). This is the most common category of license for regular passenger vehicles.
  2. Code 10: The Code 10 learners test and license are for operating heavy motor vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and minibusses (GVM exceeding 3,500 kg). The Code 10 license allows you to operate vehicles with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) between 3,500 kg and 16,000 kg.

The learners test for Code 8 and Code 10 will have similarities in terms of the theoretical knowledge required, such as road signs, rules of the road, and general driving principles. However, the Code 10 learners test may have additional questions specific to the operation of heavy vehicles.

It’s important to note that passing the learners test is a prerequisite for obtaining a learner’s license, which allows you to learn to drive under certain conditions. To obtain the actual driver’s license, you need to pass the practical driving test, which evaluates your driving skills and ability to handle the specific vehicle category associated with the code you are applying for.