Maastricht University Admissions

By | November 21, 2022

Maastricht University Admissions

Admission & registration

Admission and registration for a master’s programme at Maastricht University (UM) consists of the following five steps. Please read the procedure carefully and make sure to fulfil all steps in time. The deadline for this programme can be found at the bottom of this page.

Admission and registration in 5 steps

  1. Register via

    Make an account and choose your programme
    You register for a programme via Studielink. In Studielink you state which programme you want to do.
    Future students must first of all make an account in Studielink. If you live in the Netherlands then you can log in directly with your DigID. If you do not have a DigID yet, then you can apply for one. If you do not live in the Netherlands yet, then you must first request a user name and password from Studielink.
 With these you can make an account.
    Register directly via Studielink  
    Apply for a DigiD  
    Read more about registering via Studielink
  2. Upload your documents in MyUM

    Check what you need
    After applying via Studielink, you will receive an email from Maastricht University within 24 hours containing log in credentials consisting of your personal student number and password. With these log in credentials, you will gain access to the MyUM portal, the intranet of UM.
    In order to complete your application, please upload the following documents via MyUM as soon as possible:

    • A recent passport picture
    • A copy of your passport or your EU identity card (valid on 1 September )
    • A certified copy of your diploma, including the supplement and associated list of grades*
    • a recent copy of your CV
    • a copy of your passport
    • a passport-size picture
    • proof of proficiency in English* (IELTS / TOEFL)
    • two letters of reference, from current or former professors and/or employers
    • copies of your degree(s) and lists of grades (If necessary translated in English by an official translation agency)
    • a motivation letter which explains why you chose this programme and which convinces the Board of Admissions that you will complete the programme successfully
    • an essay (400 words in Word/PDF with searchable text) on the topic of your choice; (Make sure the essay really covers one of these topics and that you title the essay properly with the topic and question as stated below):

    Read more about uploading your documents via MyUM

  3. The UM assesses your admissibility

    Do you satisfy all of the conditions?
    Based on the documents you have uploaded the UM assesses whether you are admissible for the programme that you have registered for. Two outcomes are possible:

    • If you meet the admission requirements, you are admissible. Your application will be processed in step 4.
    • If you do not meet the admission requirements, you are not admissible. Your application will be rejected and the admissions procedure will stop.

    Read more about admissibility

  4. Admissions procedure and message about admission

    The faculty decides on the basis of your quality and suitability
    The Board of Admission needs about 4 weeks to review your application. After that, our Student Affairs Office will inform you about their decision through e-mail and postal mail. The sooner you submit your documents, the quicker we can inform you.
    Message about admission
    On the basis of the documents you have uploaded and the admission procedure the faculty decides on whether to admit you.
    You will receive an email about this. Three outcomes are possible:

    • You are admitted
    • You are rejected
    • You are conditionally admitted due to missing documents

    If you are conditionally admitted then the mail will state which documents you still need to upload.
    Read more about your admission

  5. Complete your registration at the UM

    Pay your tuition fees
    Once you have successfully completed Step 4 you will receive a request to pay your tuition fees. As soon as you have received this request you must pay your tuition fees to UM within ten working days or arrange your direct debit for this. Ensure in any case that you have done this before 31 August.
    Read more about tuition fees
    Read more about completing your registration

Application deadlines

  • Students who require a visa: 15 June
  • Students who do not require a visa: 15 July

Questions about admission and registration?

Then contact the faculty of this master’s programme