A meteorologist is a scientist who studies the Earth’s atmosphere and weather patterns. They use data from weather instruments and computer models to make predictions about future weather conditions, and provide this information to the public and other organizations that need it, such as airlines and emergency management agencies. Meteorologists also study long-term climate trends and their impact on the environment.

Some meteorologists work in research positions, studying the underlying causes of weather patterns and developing new forecasting methods. Others work in operational positions, such as at a weather service or television station, where they are responsible for making daily weather forecasts and issuing warnings for severe weather events. Some meteorologists may also work in government or private industry, providing consulting services on weather-related issues such as air quality, transportation, and energy production.

What meteorologists do?
What are the 3 names for meteorologist?
Who is called a meteorologists?
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What kind of job is meteorology?
How many years does it take to study meteorology?
Is meteorology a good career?
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Meteorologist jobs

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