PSIRA registration process – Step by step Guide

How do I register a private security company in South Africa? Follow these steps:

  • Private security operators have to apply for registration through the director of PSIRA. You can download PSIRA registration forms from the website, print and fill offline. Alternatively, you can fill the PSIRA form online.
  • The duly filled forms should be accompanied by the necessary supporting documents depending on the nature of the business. You can use the application checklist (comes with the registration forms) to guide you. Below are some of the PSIRA registration requirements.

I. Entity documentation required for registration:

  1. Trust – Trust Documents – Master of the High Court or
  2. Partnership – Partnership Agreement (An Attorney must draft this)
  3. New Business registration documents as per CIPC

II. Individual documentation required from each director, member, trustee, partner

  1. A person needs to be registered as a security service provider and possess accredited training i.e. Grade E up to B.
  2. Certified copy of PSIRA certificate
  3. Certified copy of ID (Identification Card)
  4. Comprehensive curriculum vitae
  5. Suretyship Form (SIRA 4) should be signed and initialled on each page by three signatories. Note that black ink is required.

III. Business documentation required

Where applicable, present

  1. VAT registration number
  2. PAYE number
  3. Unemployment Insurance Fund – applicable only if already registered with the Labour Department
  4. C.O.I.D / Compensation Fund) – applicable only if already registered with the Labour Department
  5. Tax Clearance Certificate applied through the South African Revenue Service is mandatory
  6. Lease agreement or proof of ownership
  7. Evidence of telephonic communication utilized – Mobile or landline communication (Statement i.n.o business/owner). If proof of landline is not in the applicant’s/ business name, one can alternatively present an explanatory letter.
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IV. The business plan for one year

You are required to submit a one-year business plan.

V. A resolution

The resolution should indicate that the applicant will be able to operate for the next year.

VI. Specimen resolution to be submitted on Business Letterhead

This should be attached to SIRA 2.

VII. Self-assessment infrastructure and capacity report (SIRA 24a)

Note that after completing the registration process, an inspection will be done on the business to determine its infrastructure and capacity standards. If the business does not meet the standards required, PSIRA may withdraw the business registration.

PSIRA registration fee 2024

As part of the process, you have to pay a mandatory PSIRA registration fee of R6,750 for businesses and R230 for individuals. The payment is through a cheque, and a copy of proof is to be attached to the application. Payments should be made out to:

1. For businesses/firms:

Private Security Industry Authority

Bank: Nedbank, Arcadia

Account Number: 16333 66200

Branch Code: 163345

Ref no: Director’s ID no. (Only)

2. For individuals:

Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority

Bank: Nedbank, Arcadia

Account Number: 1633366200

Branch Code: 163345

Ref no: your ID number

The PSIRA registration fee 2024 is only for registration. Once the business is registered, the business will still pay for the pro-rata portion of annual fees for the remainder of the financial year. Annual fees are payable where your company is in operation or not. You can check more information on yearly fees on the official PSIRA website.

Once you have completed all the above processes, you can either download, sign and email or fax the forms back to PSIRA. Alternatively, you can drop the forms at the PSIRA branch near you. There is a list of branches and contact details online under PSIRA contacts.

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PSIRA registration inquiry s/o

What is Psira registration? If you want to know more about this body, you can find out more on PSIRA registration enquiry s/o which is available through the official website. You can verify whether a business is compliant before seeking its services. For business PSIRA registration check, go to the site and verify.

On the other hand, individual PSIRA registration status check can be done on the verification option available on the website. All the necessary information on registration documents can be found here.

Psira registration contact details

  • Website:
  • Number: 086 133 3855
  • Email:

With the unemployment rates in South Africa, setting up private security might be a way of tacking this issue. Private security provides an opportunity for individuals to be creative. Just remember to do your research and understand the PSIRA registration requirements before deciding if private security is your space.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

Note that the PSIRA website also provides a list of its inspectors. The list allows you to do a check of the inspector that comes to inspect your business.