UNISA Honours / Postgraduate Diploma Bursary

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UNISA Honours / Postgraduate Diploma Bursary

Unisa: Honours / Postgraduate Diploma Bursary

A.  Bursary Conditions:

  1. The Bursary shall be awarded on recommendation by the College of Graduate Studies (CGS) Bursary Selection Committee.
  2. The Bursary shall be tenable in the first instance for one year, subject to renewal in subsequent years of registration. Any subsequent award will be based on the appropriate and successful utilization of the previous award/s and on satisfactory progress as demonstrated in the academic record of the student.
  3. The Bursary shall be open to financially needy holders of an undergraduate degree in any discipline who have achieved the minimum average of 65% for the major in which they wish to undertake the Honours studies. Students who intend to study for their fourth year in Social Work and Visual Arts are also eligible, provided they meet the minimum requirement of 65% average at the third-year level. Such students are therefore required to motivate their applications by providing evidence of their need to the Vetting Committee.
  4. The Bursary will not be awarded to students who are receiving funding from other sources.
  5. The Bursary shall be open to South African citizens only.
  6. The Bursary shall cover the full registration, tuition fees and a textbook amount.
  7. For students who have not completed the Honours or Postgraduate Diploma in 3 years, the Bursary shall be converted into a loan with interest rates determined by Unisa.
  8. The Bursary shall NOT pay repeating modules that have been failed during previous examinations.
  9. Recipients of the bursary will be urged to continue their studies and register for the Master’s degree upon successful completion of their Honours or Postgraduate Diploma studies.

B.  Important Dates:

  1. Applications for the bursary are open from 6 November  to 31 January
  2. Notification of results will be communicated to applicants by February

C.  Submission of applications:

Honours bursary application form (PDF). For more information contact DSF: DSF-POSTGRD@unisa.ac.za


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