What are the available courses for the University of KwaZulu-Natal

The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) offers a wide range of academic programs across its various campuses, catering to a diverse array of interests and career aspirations. From undergraduate degrees to postgraduate research opportunities, UKZN is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum, research facilities, and vibrant academic community. This guide provides an overview of the available courses at UKZN, organized by faculty, to help prospective students make informed decisions about their future studies.

Faculty of Agriculture, Engineering, and Science

  • Undergraduate Degrees: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in areas like Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences, Geological Sciences, and Physics. Bachelor of Agricultural Management, Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical).
  • Postgraduate Degrees: Honours, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in various specializations within Agriculture, Engineering, and Science, including advanced research opportunities.

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Undergraduate Degrees: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, and Bachelor of Sport Science.
  • Postgraduate Degrees: Offers a range of postgraduate diplomas, Master’s degrees, and PhD opportunities in disciplines such as Public Health, Nursing, Medical Sciences, and various other health-related fields.

Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Development Studies

  • Undergraduate Degrees: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Music, and Visual Arts. Bachelor of Social Science in areas such as Government, Business, and Ethics, Community Development, and Industrial, Organizational, and Labour Studies.
  • Postgraduate Degrees: Honours, Master’s, and PhD degrees in disciplines like Education, Fine Arts, Music, Psychology, and Social Sciences, with a strong emphasis on social development and policy research.
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Faculty of Law

  • Undergraduate Degrees: Bachelor of Laws (LLB), which can be pursued as a four-year undergraduate degree or as a postgraduate option for those holding a Bachelor’s degree in another discipline.
  • Postgraduate Degrees: Master of Laws (LLM) in various specializations including Commercial Law, Maritime Law, Environmental Law, and Human Rights Law, as well as Doctoral research opportunities.

Faculty of Management, IT, and Governance

  • Undergraduate Degrees: Bachelor of Business Science, Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Systems and Technology, Management, and Marketing.
  • Postgraduate Degrees: Offers Honours, Master’s in Commerce, Master of Business Administration (MBA), and PhD degrees in management and related fields, with a focus on leadership, sustainability, and governance.

School of Education

  • Undergraduate Degrees: Bachelor of Education (BEd) in Early Childhood Education, Intermediate Phase Teaching, Senior Phase and Further Education and Training Teaching.
  • Postgraduate Degrees: Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Honours, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in Education, focusing on curriculum studies, educational leadership, and educational psychology.

School of Built Environment and Development Studies

  • Undergraduate Degrees: Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Community and Development Studies, Bachelor of Planning, and Bachelor of Housing.
  • Postgraduate Degrees: Honours, Master’s, and PhD degrees in Architecture, Development Studies, Housing, and Urban and Regional Planning.

Additional Study Options

  • Extended Learning: UKZN offers various short courses and part-time study options through its Extended Learning division, catering to professionals looking to enhance their skills or pursue new interests.

Application and Selection Process

Prospective students are encouraged to carefully review the specific admission requirements for their program of interest, as some programs may have additional selection criteria, such as portfolios, auditions, or interviews.

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With its diverse range of programs, UKZN provides students with numerous opportunities to pursue their academic and professional goals in an environment that encourages innovation, critical thinking, and social responsibility. Prospective students should visit the UKZN website or contact the admissions office for the most current information on course offerings, admission requirements, and application deadlines.