What is code 10 on the K53 driving test?

In the K53 driving test in South Africa, Code 10 refers to the specific category of driver’s license that allows you to operate heavy motor vehicles. Code 10 is for vehicles with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) exceeding 3,500 kg but not exceeding 16,000 kg.

Here are some key features and requirements of the Code 10 driving test:

  1. Vehicle Size: Code 10 vehicles include trucks, buses, and minibusses within the specified weight range.
  2. Pre-Trip Inspection: You will be tested on your ability to conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection, checking various components of the vehicle for safety and roadworthiness.
  3. Practical Driving Test: The practical driving test for Code 10 evaluates your driving skills, including starting, stopping, turning, reversing, lane changing, overtaking, and other maneuvers specific to driving heavy vehicles.
  4. Road Rules: You must demonstrate a good understanding of road signs, traffic rules, and defensive driving techniques applicable to heavy vehicles.
  5. Vehicle Control: The test assesses your ability to handle the size and weight of a Code 10 vehicle, including controlling the vehicle on slopes, in traffic, and during emergency situations.

To obtain a Code 10 driver’s license, you need to pass both the Code 10 learners test and the practical driving test specific to heavy vehicles. It is essential to study the relevant material, practice driving in different conditions, and familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of operating a Code 10 vehicle.