Can I get my R350 at TymeBank?

How does SASSA R350 TymeBank Work?

Beneficiaries must open a TymeBank account to receive TymeBank’s SASSA payments.

Beneficiaries must undergo a simple verification process after the account is set up.

After verification, beneficiaries can link their SASSA accounts to their Tymebank account. 

Now, beneficiaries gain access to a significant advantage – early grant payments. 

Beneficiaries can access their grant funds through various channels such as ATMs, mobile banking, etc.

You can now use our USSD service to send money: *120*543#

How to Register through Tymebank

Visit Tyme Bank’s Website: Start by visiting the Tyme Bank website to begin registration.

  • Download the app.
  • Open the app and follow online instructions to create an account.
  • Verify your identity, which could involve scanning or photographing your ID or passport.
  • Set a username or password to access your Tymebank account.

What is “Grant Advance,” and how do I access it?

A financial arrangement known as a “grant advance” is a type in which a person or group gets a portion of a grant before the entire award is publicly disbursed.

How to access it?

To use this product, switch your social grant payments to TymeBank. To get started, open a TimeBank daily account. It is then necessary to download the TymeBank proof of account letter or statement using the app. The final step is to visit the SASSA store closest to you in person to update your banking details.

The receivers of the support for Children Grant and the Oldest Persons Grant are qualified for Grant Advance.

Tymebank SASSA payments

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offers many grants and loans. For every individual in need, SASSA provides SRD grants, old age awards, kid grants, etc.

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Tymebank Grant Advance

Grant recipients who get their funds through a TymeBank Every Day can access R500 of their grant before the regular payment date. It is only possible for recipients to obtain their “Grant Advance” in the final ten days of each month.

Moreover, account holders do not pay extra fees or interest.

Employees can utilize TymeAdvance if their employers agree to do so.

Limitations of Tymebank

You may request payouts from your available TymeAdvance up to three times daily as an employee. A single transaction can be made for as little as R300 or as much as R5000.

Your company determines the amount you have available for TymeAdvance.

Every payroll cycle, the maximum salary is R100,000. For a few days in between payment cycles, you won’t be able to get a TymeAdvance payout. It all depends on your employer’s payroll cycle.