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How do I check my payday for SRD grant?

How Do I Check My SASSA Status 2024? There are a number methods of you can perform a sassa status check and receive your R350 social grant payment. One way to check status is with the Moya App on your cellphone. You can also use your cell phone to check your SASSA SRD status via SMS or WhatsApp: … Read more

How do you check if R350 grant is approved for today?

Check SASSA Status Through the Website Online Here are the steps you need to follow to check your status from the online: It is a convenient method to check your status without any delay and without going anywhere. 3. Check SASSA SRD Status Via Moya App – Data Free Method The other method I like … Read more

How much is SASSA payment for kids

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) distributes grants in terms of the Social Assistance Act. Under the framework of the act, Sassa oversees the implementation of various social assistance programs. This includes the distribution of social grants to vulnerable people living in South Africa.  Permanent grants distributed by Sassa include the Older Persons grant, War Veterans … Read more

What date is SASSA grant paid?

the payment dates for SASSA grants in South Africa were typically staggered throughout the month. However, the specific payment dates may vary based on factors such as the type of grant and the payment method. It’s important to note that payment dates are subject to change, and SASSA may update its schedule. Here’s a general … Read more

How do I check my payday for SRD grant?

You may use to access the SASSA Payment Status , the person must provide their phone number and SRD ID number. You will get a notification on the approval or pending status of your SRD350.  The Social Relief of Distress Grant, or SASSA, is awarded to individuals between the ages of 18 and 60. It is … Read more

What date is SASSA payment for February?

February 2024: Payments will be disbursed between 23rd February and 29th February 2024. The exact date within this window will depend on your application reference number A Quick Rundown of SASSA Payment Dates for February 2024 Grant Type Payment Date Older Persons Grant Friday, 2 February 2024 Disability Grant Monday, 5 February 2024 Children’s Grant Tuesday, … Read more

How much is SASSA child grant this month?

Sassa Grant Amounts For 2024 The following Sassa grant amounts are for the months of January, February and March as there would usually be a Sassa grant increase in April. Should they not increase, the amounts would then stay the same. R350 Grant The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant will come to R350 with an … Read more

What is sassa old age grant

The SASSA Old Age Grant, officially known as the Old Age Pension, is a social grant provided by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to support elderly individuals who have reached the age of eligibility. The grant aims to provide financial assistance to older South Africans who may not have sufficient means to support … Read more

Is there SASSA pension increase?

2024 SASSA Old-Age Pension Grant increases came into effect on 1 October 2023. The R10 increase for 2024 may not sound like a lot, but every Rand and cent counts for the elderly during this difficult time of year. The 2024 SASSA Old-Age Pension Grant increase takes the amount to R2 090 for anyone between the ages of 60- and … Read more

How do I check the status of my SASSA R350 payment date appeal?

How do you check SRD status online using The SASSA organization ( has made it effortless for applicants to view their application status online. What you have to do is to, Now, easily scroll through the results and see your payday as well as the status of your application. SASSA Status through Phone Call … Read more