Can you drive a quantum with code 8?

No, you cannot legally drive a Toyota Quantum minibus with a Code 8 driver’s license in South Africa. A Code 8 driver’s license allows you to operate light motor vehicles, such as cars, but not minibusses or vehicles designed for the transportation of passengers.

To drive a Toyota Quantum or any other minibus, you would need to obtain the appropriate driver’s license classification. In South Africa, the license required to operate a minibus is typically a Code C1 (C1 license) or a higher category license, depending on the weight and passenger capacity of the vehicle.

A Code C1 license allows you to drive vehicles with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) between 3,500 kilograms and 16,000 kilograms, which includes certain minibusses.

It’s essential to adhere to the licensing requirements and regulations set by the relevant licensing authorities to ensure safe and legal driving practices. Therefore, if you intend to drive a Toyota Quantum or any other minibus, you should pursue the appropriate driver’s license classification, such as a Code C1 license, to comply with the law.