Can I Renew my car Licence at Checkers

With the emergence of the online renewal platform known as Renewonline in recent years, the stress people often experience while queuing at vehicle licencing centers has greatly reduced. In addition to making car licence renewal a hassle-free process with their online services, the platform has also established physical outlets where one can renew their vehicle licence disc. Although they have started operations in some selected retail stores, including Spar and Pick n Pay, car owners can not yet renew their car licence disc at Checkers in South Africa. Nonetheless, vehicle licence renewal services are ongoing at some selected post offices and motor vehicle licencing centers, such as Motor Vehicle Registering Authority (MVRA) and Driver’s Licence Testing Centres (DLTC).

When Will Vehicle Licence Renewal Services Kickstart at Checkers?

With the unveiling of some Pick n Pay and Spar outlets as vehicle licence renewal centers, there were plans for all Checkers outlets to be used for the renewal services as announced in 2018. However, at the moment, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, and Shoprite outlets are yet to offer car licence renewal services. Hopefully, they will be empowered to renew vehicle licence discs in the coming years, as the innovation towards the renewal of vehicle licences online has attained positive feedback from motorists in South Africa.

Other Places Where Car Licence Can Be Renewed 

Over the years, car licence discs renewal services have been carried out at local motor vehicle licencing centres and equally in some selected post offices. These branches that offer car licence renewal services can also provide bulk renewal services for a fleet. They are available in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, North West, Free State, Northern Cape, Limpopo, and Eastern Cape. Nonetheless, motorists are advised against visiting the post offices for renewal services from the 4th to the 7th of every month because these days are designated for SASSA payments in the South African Post Office (SAPO).

Also, the 21st of every month is among the days to avoid visiting the post office for renewal of car licence disc as vehicle owners usually have 21 days grace after the expiry of their vehicle licence disc. Hence, the post office branches usually get flocked by customers on this day as they prefer last-minute renewal.

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Documents Required For Renewal of Car Licence Disc

Motor vehicle licence disc is being renewed every year. However, licence disc for buses is renewed every six months as their roadworthiness certificate is valid for only six months. While visiting the licencing centers for renewal services, you’ll need the following documents if the car is registered in your name;

  • Identity document and a copy of it
  • Old licence disc
  • Motor licence renewal notice (MVL2 Form)
  • If you didn’t receive the renewal notice, complete the ALV Form (Application for Licencing of Motor Vehicle) and submit it.
  • Proof of residential address. For instance, a utility bill. If the utility bill doesn’t bear your name, the bill owner should make an affidavit that declares that you live at the address. The affidavit must be attached to the utility bill.
  • A letter with an official date stamp from the ward councilor, which confirms your residential address, is required if you reside in an informal settlement.

If the car is registered under the name of an organization or company, the documents required are as follows;

  • Letter of proxy
  • Business certificate of the organization
  • Identity document of proxy
  • Motor licence renewal notice (MVL2 Form)
  • If you didn’t receive the renewal notice, complete the ALV Form (Application for Licencing of Motor Vehicle) and submit it.

What’s The Cost For Car License Renewal in South Africa?

In the Rainbow Nation, the car licence renewal fee varies depending on the weight of vehicles and the province. In addition, motorists pay an annual vehicle licence fee of R82, which was increased in 2019 from R72. In Gauteng, for instance, an average car that weighs between 500kg and 750kg pays a licence renewal fee of R360, while the one that weighs between 1000 kg and 1250 kg pays R432.

Then in Western Cape, an average vehicle with a weight of over 500 kg and not exceeding 750 kg pays a licence renewal fee of R318, while the one that weighs between 1000 kg and 1250 kg pays R420. Coming to Free State province, an average vehicle with a tare weight ranging from 500 kg to 750 kg pays R384 for vehicle licence renewal services, while the one that weighs from 1000 kg to 1250 kg pays R534.

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These illustrate how the car licence renewal fees differ from province to province. The prices are also categorized based on rigid vehicles, breakdown vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, track-tractors used only for farming, and tractors used on public roads.

Will I Pay Extra When I Renew My Car Licence at Retail Stores?

Before the expiration of the car licence disc, car owners usually receive notifications for renewal of licence, and it also discloses the specific amount to be paid for the renewal services, depending on the weight of the vehicle and province. In Gauteng, an average car licence fee ranges between R216 and R26,316. At retail stores, additional fees tagged as administration fees are charged. At Pay n Pay South Africa, R130 is charged as a processing fee while Spar charges R120 in administration fee.

Besides physical outlets where one can renew a car licence disc, several online platforms offer vehicle licence renewal services. Top on the list is Renewonline, which has grown to become the most affordable online renewal platform on the market. The platform makes licence renewal easier with a short three-step renewal process and charges an administration fee of R130. Another online car licence renewal platform is EasyRenew. They carry out the renewal services in five easy steps and only have a presence in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal provinces. EasyRenew charges a processing fee of R230.

Furthermore, ChatBack offers vehicle licence renewal services via Whatsapp. You are required to submit your car registration number, and afterward, pay a stipulated amount for the renewal services. Their application process is relatively easy and is approved within 24 hours of application. The online platform charges R250 as a processing fee. FNB Nav app is another option for car licence renewal, and the banking app has proved effective in the last few years. However, many seem displeased with its service charge of R199, which they say is quite costly compared to visiting the motor vehicle licencing centers.

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With most online platforms offering vehicle licence renewal services taking up to 10 working days to deliver and some lingering to months, many desist from using online services for their car licence renewal. Nevertheless, innovations in the renewal services have paved the way for faster delivery services as Pick n Pay, Spar, and Renewonline takes the lead in terms of speedy delivery. They deliver the new licence disc at the doorstep of their clients within 48 hours. Postnet, on the other hand, delivers within two to three working days.

List of Retails Stores Offering Car Licence Renewal Services in SA

  • PNP Waterkloof Ridge
  • Postnet
  • Safari Outdoor
  • Trail Acc Silverton
  • Big Save Motor
  • 4U Trailer Enterprise
  • PNP Northcliff
  • Postlink
  • Family Pet Centre Fourways
  • Laffies Midstream
  • Storm Global Trading
  • Vaperite
  • PNP Epsom Downs
  • Family Pet Centre Centurion
  • Savemore Motors
  • Easy Steps Africa
  • Motortown Vehicle Testing Station
  • Arie Nel Pharmacy Wonderpark
  • The Biltong Shop