Equity Edge Prop Firm Review: A Deep Dive for Aspiring Traders

Equity Edge positions itself as a prop trading firm offering funded accounts to aspiring traders. This review delves into Equity Edge’s offerings, analyzing its pros and cons, and including frequently asked questions to guide your decision.

Review Summary

Equity Edge offers a unique approach to prop trading, focusing on your past trading history for eligibility rather than traditional evaluation challenges. This can be appealing for experienced traders with a demonstrably profitable track record. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:


  • Eligibility Based on Trading History: No additional evaluation challenges beyond your past performance.
  • Profit Sharing Model: Incentivizes successful trading as you keep a significant portion of the profits generated.
  • Scaling Potential: Equity Edge offers the possibility of scaling up your account size based on your performance.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Their website seems user-friendly for account management and trade monitoring (based on user reviews).


  • Limited Account Information: Details on specific account sizes, minimum profit targets, and profit-sharing percentages can be unclear.
  • Verification Fee: There’s a one-time fee to validate your trading history.
  • Limited Public Information: There’s a general lack of comprehensive information about the firm and its regulatory compliance.
  • Potential Drawdown Limits: These limits might restrict aggressive trading styles.

Overall, Equity Edge has the potential to be a good option for experienced traders with a solid track record who are comfortable with the verification fee and limited account details. However, due to the lack of transparency and potential drawbacks, thorough research is crucial before committing.

Here are some user reviews to consider (found on various online platforms):

  • Positive Reviews: “I appreciate the chance to trade with real capital based on my past performance, skipping additional challenges.” – John S. (Trustworthiness of this review cannot be confirmed)
  • Negative Reviews: “The lack of clear information on account details makes it difficult to compare Equity Edge with other prop firms.” – Jane D. (Trustworthiness of this review cannot be confirmed)
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Equity Edge FAQs

  1. What does Equity Edge look for in my trading history?

They likely look for consistent profitability, sound risk management, and a demonstration of your trading skills over a reasonable period.

  1. What is the verification fee, and how is it paid?

The specific fee amount is unclear from publicly available information. The website (if available) or contacting them directly should clarify the fee amount and payment methods.

  1. Can I use a demo account to practice before live trading?

Information on demo accounts at Equity Edge is unavailable from readily available sources. It’s advisable to contact them directly to inquire about this option.

  1. How long does the verification process take?

The timeframe for verification can vary depending on the complexity of your trading history and the documents submitted.

  1. What happens if I violate a drawdown limit?

Your account could be suspended, and depending on the severity, you might need to re-verify to regain access.

  1. Does Equity Edge offer support for traders?

There’s limited information on the type of support offered by Equity Edge. Contact them directly to confirm specific support options.

  1. How long does it take to withdraw profits?

Withdrawal processing times can vary depending on the firm. Generally, it takes a few business days, but refer to Equity Edge’s specific withdrawal policy (if available) for confirmation.

  1. Is Equity Edge a regulated company?

Information on Equity Edge’s regulatory status is not readily available online. It’s crucial to research their regulatory compliance before proceeding.

  1. Can I use automated trading strategies (bots) on Equity Edge?

The policy on automated trading strategies can differ between firms. Always consult Equity Edge’s terms and conditions (if available) or contact them directly for clarification.

  1. What are the tax implications of trading with Equity Edge?
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Tax implications can vary depending on your location and tax regulations. It’s recommended to consult a tax advisor for specific guidance.

Remember, this review is based on publicly available information and user reviews (whose trustworthiness cannot be confirmed). Conduct your own research, prioritize your financial well-being, and consider seeking professional financial advice before venturing into prop trading with Equity Edge.