Blue Guardian Prop Firm: A Newbie’s Guide with Reviews and FAQs

Blue Guardian positions itself as a prop firm that helps serious traders gain access to substantial capital. This guide delves into the world of Blue Guardian for aspiring prop traders, outlining the process, addressing key questions for beginners, and incorporating reviews and FAQs based on publicly available information.

What is a Prop Trading Firm?

Prop trading firms use their own capital to trade financial markets. Funded accounts, like those offered by Blue Guardian, allow traders to access this capital in exchange for a share of the profits generated. This offers the potential to significantly amplify your gains without risking your own money upfront.

Getting Started with Blue Guardian

  1. Eligibility: Blue Guardian doesn’t have traditional evaluation challenges. Instead, they assess your eligibility based on your past trading history. You’ll need a demonstrably profitable track record to qualify.
  2. Choose Your Account: Blue Guardian offers various account sizes with different minimum profit targets and profit-sharing percentages. Select an account that aligns with your experience and risk tolerance.
  3. Verification and Fees: There’s a one-time verification fee to validate your trading history through statements from your previous broker or prop firm.
  4. Live Trading: Once verified and funded, you can initiate live trading with real capital provided by Blue Guardian.

Important Considerations for Newbies

  • Develop a Solid Strategy: Don’t jump into live trading without a well-defined trading strategy backed by sound risk management practices. Backtest your strategy on a demo account before risking real capital.
  • Risk Management is Paramount: Set clear stop-loss levels and adhere to them religiously. Blue Guardian likely has drawdown limits, so be mindful of not exceeding those.
  • Master Your Trading Emotions: Trading can be emotionally taxing. Develop discipline and emotional control to avoid impulsive decisions that could jeopardize your account. Losses are inevitable, so learn to manage them constructively.
  • Start Modestly: Begin with a smaller account to get comfortable with the platform and the pressure of real money trading. Scale up as your confidence and skills grow.
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Reviews of Blue Guardian (Based on Public Information)

Positive Reviews:

  • Focus on Trading History: Some users appreciate the emphasis on past performance rather than additional evaluation hurdles.
  • Profit Sharing Model: The profit-sharing structure incentivizes successful trading.
  • Educational Resources: Blue Guardian offers educational resources like podcasts to support development (according to some user reviews).

Negative Reviews:

  • Limited Account Information: Details on specific account sizes, profit targets, and profit-sharing percentages can be unclear.
  • Verification Fee: The verification fee can be a barrier to entry for some new traders.
  • Limited Public Information: There’s a general lack of comprehensive information about the firm and its offerings.

Important Note: While the positive reviews highlight potential benefits, the negative reviews and lack of detailed information necessitate thorough research before proceeding. Consider user experiences across various platforms, regulatory compliance, and specific trading terms before committing.

Blue Guardian FAQs

  1. What does Blue Guardian look for in my trading history?

They likely look for consistent profitability, sound risk management, and a demonstration of your trading skills over a reasonable period.

  1. Can I use a demo account to practice before live trading?

Information on demo accounts at Blue Guardian is unclear. It’s advisable to contact them directly to inquire about this option.

  1. How long does the verification process take?

The timeframe for verification can vary depending on the complexity of your trading history and the documents submitted.

  1. What happens if I violate a drawdown limit?

Your account could be suspended, and depending on the severity, you might need to re-verify to regain access.

  1. Does Blue Guardian offer support for traders?
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Blue Guardian claims to offer support through various channels (according to user reviews). Contact them directly to confirm specific support options.


Blue Guardian offers a path to potentially manage significant capital through funded accounts. However, remember that success requires a solid trading foundation, realistic expectations, and a commitment to risk management. Conduct thorough research and prioritize your financial well-being before venturing into prop trading with Blue Guardian.