FNB license renewal Status

How do I track my licence renewal progress?

It’s easy to view the progress of your licence renewal on the FNB App. You will also be sent a message on the FNB App alerting* you to new updates relating to your licence renewal.

You can also track your licence renewal progress by following these steps:

  • Launch the FNB App
  • Select “nav-igate Life”
  • Select “Car”
  • Enter Online Banking password or Biometrics
  • Select “Licence Renewal Progress”
  • Select the relevant car
  • Licence Renewal Progress Tracker will be displayed

*If you have disabled alerts, you can view status updates by selecting “Licence Renewal Progress” in nav» Car. If you want to enable licence renewal alerts, select “Settings” from the Menu, select “Messages”, then select “nav» Settings” and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you can email navcar@fnb.co.za if you need to speak to someone.

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