How do I change my offer on Unisa?

Navigating Changes in Your Unisa Offer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Considering a change in your qualification at the University of South Africa (Unisa)? Life is dynamic, and circumstances evolve. Whether you’re facing challenges in your studies or your career aspirations have taken a turn, Unisa provides a pathway for making changes to your academic journey. Here’s a comprehensive guide to assist you in this process.

**1. Reflect on the Why:

Before embarking on a change, reflect on the reasons behind it. Are you facing academic challenges, or have your career goals shifted? Understanding the ‘why’ is crucial for making informed decisions.

**2. Self-Assessment Questions:

Ask yourself pivotal questions:

  • What changes do you envision?
  • Identify challenges in your current qualification or Unisa experience.
  • Consider potential solutions and support needed.

**3. Options Exploration:

Explore the diverse options available:

  • Can you complement your existing qualification with additional courses?
  • Identify potential new qualifications aligning with your adjusted goals.

**4. Professional Support:

Identify whose support you need:

  • Leverage your professional network to explore new opportunities.
  • Consider seeking advice from career counselors for a holistic perspective.

**5. Explore Career Paths:

Visit Unisa’s “Explore careers” section for in-depth research on various career options and related qualifications. This exploration can inform your decision-making process.

**6. Decision Time:

Based on your research and self-reflection, decide whether to continue with your current qualification or initiate a change. If change is the path, be prepared for the application process.

**7. Application Process:

  • If you decide to change, apply for admission to the new qualification during the next application period.
  • Ensure your application aligns with Unisa’s guidelines and deadlines.
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**8. Seek Further Support:

If uncertainties persist or you require additional guidance, schedule a conversation with a counselor. They can provide insights into your career and study options.

Understanding Application Outcomes:

Unisa evaluates applications based on academic admission requirements, APS, and qualification availability. Applicants not meeting requirements receive prompt feedback. Admission for some qualifications may be subject to enrollment management.

Accepting an Offer:

For successful applicants:

  • Complete the First-Year Experience MOOC (UOL009-FYE101_2024) if you’re a first-time applicant.
  • Accept or decline the offer within the prescribed timeframe (usually 10 days) at
  • Register for the specified period; non-registration necessitates reapplication.

Unsuccessful Application:

If your application is unsuccessful:


Changing your Unisa qualification is a significant decision. Ensure it aligns with your evolving goals, and follow the prescribed processes to seamlessly navigate through this transformative journey. Remember, your education is a dynamic investment in your future, and Unisa is here to support your academic endeavors.