Is it possible to change course after admission at Unisa?

When considering admission to the University of South Africa (UNISA), choosing the right course is a pivotal decision that can shape one’s academic and professional future. The admission process involves selecting a course, and while some may easily decide, others may find it challenging. UNISA does allow students to change courses online, but it’s essential to adhere to specific rules and procedures.

The decision to change courses may arise due to various factors such as a career change, personal growth, or academic performance. UNISA recognizes that students’ goals and missions can evolve, prompting the institution to establish systems facilitating course changes.

Changing a course at UNISA is a free and open process for all applicants. However, it’s crucial to note that once a decision is made to change a course, applicants must reapply for admission, essentially restarting the academic journey. While the change is possible, it’s advisable for students to thoroughly analyze their situation before initiating the process.

Here are the steps to change a course at UNISA online:

  1. Research the desired course thoroughly and gather information about it.
  2. Visit UNISA’s official website and select the new qualification.
  3. Choose the preferred course within the selected qualification.
  4. Pay the necessary admission fees and register for all modules within the chosen course.

If a student fails a module, there is the possibility of changing the course. However, it’s essential to understand that changing the course after failing a module comes with consequences. Once the course change is made, returning to the failed module is generally not an option.

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For those considering canceling a course at UNISA, it’s vital to follow specific steps:

  1. Log in to myUnisa.
  2. Select the “Admin” link.
  3. Access the student administration menu and find the option to cancel courses.
  4. Click on the cancellation option and follow the provided instructions.

It’s important to note that canceling a course may result in the loss of some fees paid for that specific period. To initiate the course cancellation process, applicants can download the course cancellation form from UNISA’s official website, fill it out, and submit it to the designated email address ( with the appropriate subject line indicating their student number, full name, and form name (DSAR02).

For the latest and most accurate information, individuals are advised to check UNISA’s official website or contact the university directly. This comprehensive guide aims to provide clarity and guidance for those navigating the course change and cancellation processes at UNISA.