How to fill in DL1 form?

To fill in the DL1 Application for Driving License form in South Africa, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a copy of the DL1 form from your local traffic department, driver’s license testing center, or the official website of the South African Department of Transport.
  2. Read the form carefully and ensure that you understand the instructions and sections.
  3. Begin by providing your personal details in Section A. This includes your full name, residential address, postal address (if different), contact number, and email address.
  4. In Section B, enter your existing driver’s license number, the code of the license (e.g., Code B for a light motor vehicle), and the date of issue. If you have a professional driving permit (PrDP), you can indicate that here as well.
  5. If there have been any changes to your personal details since your last license was issued, such as a change in address or contact information, provide the updated details in Section C.
  6. In Section D, declare any medical conditions that may affect your ability to drive safely. If you have a medical certificate, you may need to attach it to the form.
  7. Review the declaration in Section E carefully and sign and date the form in the provided spaces.
  8. If you have any endorsements or restrictions on your license, such as corrective lenses, you may need to provide additional information in Section F.
  9. Finally, double-check that you have completed all the necessary sections of the form accurately and signed it.

Remember to attach any required supporting documents, such as proof of address, identification documents, or a medical certificate if applicable. Different provinces or municipalities may have specific requirements, so it’s important to check with your local traffic department or the licensing authority for any additional documentation needed.

Always fill in the DL1 form accurately and honestly. Providing false information can have legal consequences and may lead to the rejection of your application.

If you have any uncertainties or questions regarding the form or the renewal process, it’s advisable to contact your local traffic department or the relevant authorities for assistance.