Comprehensive Guide on Traffic Fines in South Africa

Traffic fines in South Africa are imposed to maintain road safety and discipline. Understanding how to view, check, and pay these fines is essential for all drivers. Here’s a detailed guide on various aspects of managing traffic fines in South Africa.

View My Fines

Can I check my traffic fines online?

Yes, you can check your traffic fines online through various municipal and national traffic departments’ websites, as well as through third-party platforms.


How do I check my traffic fines?

To view your fines online, you typically need your ID number or vehicle registration number. Municipal websites, the AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) website, and third-party services like PayCity and offer online fine checking services.

Can I check my traffic fines online?

How do I find out if I have a fine with a vehicle registration number?

How do I check my traffic fines on Standard Bank app?

What is the reference number on a traffic fine?

View Fines with Notice Number

To view a specific fine using a notice number, visit the issuing municipality’s website or a service like Enter the notice number provided on the traffic fine notification to access the details of the fine.

How to Check Traffic Fines with Number Plate

Checking fines using a vehicle registration number can be done on several platforms, including the official eNatis system, local municipal websites, and third-party services. You’ll enter the vehicle’s registration number to pull up any fines associated with it.

Check My Fines Online Traffic Fines EasyPay offers a convenient way to view and pay for traffic fines. Go to, select the “Traffic Fines” option, and follow the prompts to search for your fines using the notice number or vehicle registration number.

SMS Number to Check Traffic Fines Some municipalities offer SMS services to check fines. For example, in Johannesburg, you can SMS your vehicle registration to a designated number provided by the city’s traffic department to receive information on outstanding fines.

View Traffic Fines Cape Town

For Cape Town fines, visit the City of Cape Town’s official website. They offer an online service where you can use your ID number or vehicle registration number to view any fines.

Check Traffic Fines Online AARTO

The AARTO website provides a centralized system for checking and paying fines nationwide. Use your ID number or notice number to search for fines within the AARTO jurisdiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if I have a fine with a vehicle registration number? Enter your vehicle registration number on a municipal website, AARTO’s website, or a trusted third-party service to find out if there are any fines.

How do I check my traffic fines on the Standard Bank app? Standard Bank app users can check their fines through the app’s ‘Traffic Fines’ feature, which requires linking your vehicle registration number or ID number to your account.

What is the reference number on a traffic fine? The reference number, often called a notice number, is a unique identifier for each traffic fine. It’s used to track and pay fines.

Can you pay a traffic fine via EFT? Yes, you can pay traffic fines via EFT. Use the banking details provided by the municipality or traffic department, and include the notice number as the reference.

How long are traffic fines valid for? Traffic fines in South Africa are valid for up to three years from the date of issue, depending on the municipality and the nature of the offense.

How do I redirect a traffic fine? If you weren’t the driver at the time of the offense, you could redirect the fine by providing the authorities with the details of the person who was driving. This process varies by municipality.

What happens if you don’t pay a traffic fine? Failure to pay a traffic fine can lead to additional penalties, court action, and possibly being blocked from renewing your vehicle license.

Do traffic fines give you a criminal record? Most traffic fines do not result in a criminal record. However, serious offenses that lead to court cases can potentially result in a criminal record.

Can I get my fines reduced? Some municipalities offer discounts for early payment or for settling fines before they reach the court. Check with the issuing authority.

Can you pay a fine after the due date? Yes, but additional late fees may apply. It’s essential to pay it as soon as possible to avoid further penalties.

20 questions regarding traffic fines in South Africa:

  1. How can I check if I have outstanding traffic fines?
  • You can check outstanding traffic fines online via municipal websites, the AARTO website, or third-party platforms like PayCity or ViewFines. You’ll need your ID or vehicle registration number.
  1. What payment methods are available for traffic fines?
  • Payment methods include online payments, direct bank EFTs, payment at municipal offices, selected retail outlets, and through third-party payment platforms like EasyPay.
  1. Can traffic fines affect my credit score?
  • Directly, no. Traffic fines are not reported to credit bureaus. However, failing to pay and resulting legal action could potentially impact your credit score.
  1. How do I contest a traffic fine?
  • To contest a traffic fine, you must submit a written representation to the issuing authority explaining why you believe the fine is unjust. This can often be done online or by mail.
  1. Is there a grace period for traffic fine payments?
  • Generally, there’s no official grace period. It’s essential to pay before the due date to avoid additional penalties or steps like court summons.
  1. How are traffic fines calculated?
  • Fines are calculated based on the severity of the violation, which is outlined in national and municipal regulations. Factors include the nature of the offense and whether it’s a repeat violation.
  1. Can I pay someone else’s traffic fine?
  • Yes, you can pay someone else’s traffic fine as long as you have their fine notice number or other required details.
  1. What is the difference between a summons and a traffic fine?
  • A traffic fine is a penalty for a minor offense, payable without court appearance. A summons requires the recipient to appear in court, typically issued for more severe offenses or unpaid fines.
  1. How do I get a receipt after paying a traffic fine?
  • If you pay online or through a third-party service, you’ll typically receive a digital receipt via email. If you pay at a municipal office or retail outlet, request a printed receipt upon payment.
  1. Are traffic fines tax-deductible?
    • No, traffic fines are not tax-deductible expenses in South Africa.
  2. What should I do if I lose my traffic fine notice?
    • You can retrieve your fine details online using your ID or vehicle registration number on municipal or national traffic websites or through third-party platforms.
  3. Can I make a partial payment on a traffic fine?
    • Generally, fines should be paid in full. However, you can contact the issuing authority to inquire about payment arrangements, especially for large sums.
  4. How do demerit points work with traffic fines?
    • Under the AARTO system, demerit points are recorded against your driver’s license for traffic violations. Accumulating too many points can lead to suspension or cancellation of your license.
  5. What happens during a traffic fine warrant of arrest?
    • If you fail to pay a fine or appear in court, a warrant for your arrest may be issued. This means you could be arrested and required to resolve the matter in court.
  6. Can foreign nationals receive traffic fines in South Africa?
    • Yes, foreign nationals driving in South Africa can receive traffic fines. It’s crucial to pay these fines to avoid issues with future visits or car rentals.
  7. How do I update my address for traffic fine notifications?
    • You can update your address through the eNatis system for vehicle-related fines or contact your local municipal traffic department for others.
  8. What are my rights during a traffic stop?
    • You have the right to ask the officer for identification, understand the reason for the stop, and receive a copy of any fine or documentation issued.
  9. How do I report a traffic signal violation?
    • Traffic signal violations can be reported to local municipal traffic departments or the police, providing as much detail as possible, including the location and time of the offense.
  10. Can I take a defensive driving course to reduce my fine or demerit points?
    • Currently, South Africa doesn’t offer reductions in fines or demerit points for completing defensive driving courses, but such courses can improve driving skills and safety awareness.
  11. How do traffic fines contribute to road safety?
    • Traffic fines deter unsafe driving behaviors by penalizing violations. This system aims to promote adherence to traffic laws, thereby enhancing road safety for all users.
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These answers should provide a comprehensive understanding of managing and addressing traffic fines in South Africa, highlighting the importance of adhering to road safety laws and regulations.