Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist is a healthcare professional who helps people of all ages to achieve independence in their daily lives. They work with individuals who have physical, mental, or developmental disabilities, injuries, or illnesses to help them regain skills and abilities that have been lost or impaired, and to develop new skills to achieve their goals. They help people to achieve greater independence in their daily lives, whether it be at home, work, school, or in the community.

Occupational therapists use a variety of techniques and interventions to help their clients, including exercises and activities to improve physical function, adaptive equipment and technology to enhance independence, and education and training to help clients and their families learn how to use equipment and perform activities safely. They may also work with clients to identify and address any environmental barriers that may be preventing them from achieving their goals, such as making recommendations for home modifications or assisting with equipment and device selection. They also work with other healthcare professionals, such as physicians and physical therapists, to coordinate care and ensure that clients receive the most appropriate and effective treatment.

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