Teacher Record for South Africa: A Comprehensive Guide

What is Teacher Record?

Teacher Record is an online platform designed primarily for teachers seeking English as a Second Language (ESL) jobs abroad, particularly in China. It offers features like:

  • Job Board: Search for ESL teaching positions specifically for South African teachers.
  • Teacher Profiles: Build a profile showcasing your qualifications and experience to attract potential employers. (Note: This functionality might be more relevant for jobs outside of South Africa)
  • Resume Sharing: Share your resume with a single click for efficient job applications. (Similar to Teacher Profiles, this might be more applicable for international opportunities)

Is Teacher Record relevant for finding teaching jobs in South Africa?

While Teacher Record can connect you with some online teaching opportunities, it likely wouldn’t be the most effective platform for finding traditional teaching jobs within South Africa itself. Here’s why:

  • Focus on International Jobs: Teacher Record primarily targets the international ESL market, particularly China.
  • South African Job Market: South Africa has its own job boards and recruitment channels for educators. These platforms cater specifically to local qualifications and requirements.

Alternatives for finding teaching jobs in South Africa:

Here are some resources for finding teaching jobs within South Africa:

  • Department of Basic Education (DBE): The DBE website often advertises teaching vacancies in public schools: https://www.education.gov.za/Vacancies.aspx
  • Provincial Education Departments: Each province in South Africa has its own education department website that might advertise teaching positions.
  • Teaching Unions: Teacher unions in South Africa like the South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU) might have job listings for their members.
  • Online Job Boards: General job boards like Indeed or PNet often have listings for teaching positions in South Africa.
  • School Websites: Many schools have their own websites where they advertise open positions.
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Can Teacher Record be helpful for South African teachers?

While not ideal for finding jobs within South Africa, Teacher Record could still be useful for South African teachers in a couple of ways:

  • TEFL Certification: If you’re interested in teaching English abroad in the future, Teacher Record offers information about TEFL certificates, which are required by many ESL schools.
  • Finding Online ESL Jobs: You can explore online teaching opportunities if you’re interested in supplementing your income or gaining remote teaching experience.


Teacher Record is a platform designed for the international ESL job market. While it might not be the most effective tool for finding traditional teaching jobs in South Africa, it could be a resource for TEFL certification or exploring online teaching options. For jobs within South Africa, focus on local recruitment channels and job boards.