Does UniSA have 1 year courses?

Yes, UniSA (University of South Australia) offers 1-year courses, including diploma courses and Short Learning Programmes (SLPs). These 1-year courses are designed to provide specialized knowledge and skills within a shorter timeframe, making them ideal for individuals with specific career goals or those looking to upskill in a particular area. The diploma courses are designed in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring that the curriculum is relevant and that graduates possess skills in line with current industry demands​​​​.

For example, there are courses with a duration of 3 months and others with a duration of 1-2 years.

UniSA offers a diverse range of 1-year courses through its Short Learning Programmes (SLPs), catering to a wide array of interests and professional development needs across all its colleges. These SLPs are meticulously designed to address specific skills and knowledge areas within a compact timeframe, ideal for those looking to specialize or enhance their career prospects quickly. Here’s a glimpse into the focus areas of SLPs across UniSA’s colleges:

  • College of Accounting Sciences: Offers SLPs in key accounting disciplines, including financial accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, and taxation, tailored for aspiring professionals in the accounting field.
  • College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences: Specializes in SLPs focused on sustainable agriculture and environmental sciences, preparing participants for the challenges of environmental management and sustainable farming practices.
  • College of Economic and Management Sciences: Provides a range of SLPs in areas such as business management, industrial and organizational psychology, decision sciences, public administration and management, transport economics and logistics, and tourism, designed to enhance the skills of professionals in the economic and management sectors.
  • College of Education: Offers continuing education and training options for educators through SLPs, aimed at enhancing teaching skills and methodologies.
  • College of Graduate Studies: Features SLPs including programs from the Institute for African Renaissance, fostering a deeper understanding of African development and leadership.
  • College of Human Sciences: Hosts SLPs in applied communication, applied psychology, English studies, African languages and cultural development, and religious studies, enriching the knowledge and skills of individuals in the human sciences.
  • College of Law: Offers specialized SLPs in business law, provincial and local government law, and applied criminal justice, catering to professionals and aspirants in the legal field.
  • College of Science, Engineering and Technology: Features SLPs in industrial engineering, computer programming, computer networks and databases, and information security, designed for those looking to advance in the fields of science, engineering, and technology.
  • Other, Administration and Professional: Includes SLPs from the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute and School of Governance, aimed at developing leadership and governance skills.
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SLPs at UniSA can vary in format, including short courses, advanced courses, programmes, workshops, or seminars, with durations ranging from 3 months to 1-2 years. However, for individuals specifically interested in 1-year courses, it’s important to note that these offerings are designed to provide intensive, focused learning experiences tailored to career advancement or skill specialization. Each SLP has a dedicated course leader and/or programme administrator to contact for details regarding the course content, costs, and registration intake dates.