What does EC mean on a license?

In South Africa, the abbreviation “EC” on a license refers to an endorsement code related to driving privileges. In this context, “EC” stands for “Code EC,” which specifically pertains to a specific type of driver’s license classification.

A Code EC license in South Africa is commonly known as a “Code 14” license. It authorizes the holder to operate heavy motor vehicles, such as articulated trucks (commonly referred to as “rigs” or “long-haul trucks”) and vehicles with a gross vehicle mass exceeding 16,000 kilograms. A Code EC license enables individuals to drive large commercial vehicles and is typically required for professional truck drivers or individuals in the transport industry.

It’s important to note that South Africa’s licensing system may undergo updates or changes over time, so it’s always a good idea to refer to the relevant licensing authorities or official sources to ensure the accuracy and currency of information.