What is the highest salary for a truck driver in South Africa?

In 2023, R25,000.00 per month is among the highest truck drivers’ salary. A truck driver’s salary varies depending on the type of vehicle they drive. Truck drivers who drive code 14 trucks earn the most money. This figure above is the base salary without benefits and bonuses.

Due to the number of hours required, a truck driver’s income may be higher. Depending on the business in which a truck driver works, he or she may be required to work a significant number of overtime hours.

Overtime can enhance a truck driver’s earnings by up to 30%. During peak seasons, a truck driver may be required to work further additional hours. However, some businesses, such as coal transportation, may demand extra hours all year.

A truck driver’s income also includes bonuses. A truck driver’s bonus in South Africa starts at R1,000.00 per year. A truck driver’s monthly bonus can be as high as R19,000.00.

Truck drivers are also paid commissions as part of their remuneration package. Commissions are modest, ranging from R0 to R2,000.00 per year.