What jobs do oceanographers do?

Oceanographers can work in a variety of different roles, depending on their area of expertise and the specific job requirements. Some of the main jobs that oceanographers do include:

  1. Research Scientist: Many oceanographers work as research scientists, conducting research on a variety of topics related to the ocean, such as its physical properties, chemical composition, and biological diversity. This often involves collecting data and samples from the ocean using a variety of tools and techniques, such as ships, submarines, and satellites.
  2. Professor or Lecturer: Many oceanographers also work in academia as professors or lecturers, teaching courses in oceanography and related fields, such as earth science or environmental science. They also conduct research and supervise graduate students.
  3. Data Analyst: Oceanographers with a focus on data analysis and management analyze and interpret oceanographic data from various sources and use data visualization tools to display and share the results.
  4. Marine Policy Advisor: Oceanographers may also work in government agencies or non-profit organizations and provide expertise on ocean policy and management issues, such as marine conservation and the impact of human activities on the ocean.
  5. Ocean Engineer: Oceanographers with an engineering background may work as ocean engineers, designing and developing equipment used in oceanography and troubleshoot problems associated with oceanographic instruments and vessels.
  6. Marine Conservation Biologist: Oceanographers with a focus on marine biology may work in marine conservation and management, researching marine life and working to protect and preserve ocean resources.
  7. Remote Sensing Analyst: Oceanographers with a focus on remote sensing may use satellite imagery and other remote sensing tools to study the ocean from space, providing valuable information for oceanographic research, weather forecasting and maritime navigation.
  8. Oceanographic Consultant: Oceanographers may also work as consultants, providing expertise to government agencies, private companies, and other organizations on a variety of ocean-related issues, such as offshore development, maritime transportation, and environmental impact assessments.
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This is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other jobs that oceanographers can do, depending on their specific skills and interests. The field of oceanography is multidisciplinary and offers a wide range of career opportunities.