Where can I download my vehicle license renewal?

Vehicle owners can download the Motor Vehicle notices from the RTMC website. 

  • Once on the website click on “My Profile” and register your profile by:
    • Clicking on ‘individual’ if you a natural person
    • Then enter your ID number
    • Entering you surname and initials ( enter the details exactly as on your Driving Licence Card)
    • Entering you Driving Licence card number
    • Entering your email AND your cell number
    • Once all the information has been submitted you will be required to enter the One Time Pin (OTP) in order for the profile registration to be completed
  • Once your profile has been successfully register then click on “View Motor Vehicle Renewals’
    • Click on individual if you a natural person
    • Then enter your ID number, Surname and initials
    • Then proceed to the next page and enter the OTP as required.
    • Please note:
      • One the OTP is entered the motor vehicle/s which are due to be renewed will be displayed. Should the motor vehicle licence have already expired then no information will be displayed
      • Click download and print the notice
    • The electronic notice with the unique reference number can now be presented to renew the motor vehicle licence concerned.
  1. Access and download Motor Vehicle Notice from RTMC Mobile APP
  • Motor vehicle owners can access and download the motor vehicle notices from the RTMC Mobile APP which is ONLY available for now on the Android platform by doing the following:
  • On your cell phone or tablet go to Google Play store.
  • Type in RTMC APP, which will allow you to install the APP, see sample below.
  • Once the APP is installed, then click on ‘register profile’
  • You will be required to enter your ID type, ID number, Surname and initials
  • You will also be required to enter your Driving Licence card number
  • Please check your email for the OTP which must be entered in order to successfully register your profile.
  • Once your profile is registered you will be able to download your motor vehicle renewal notice/s

Completing an application form (form ALV)

  • In the instance where the vehicle owner has not received a SMS or email and wants to renew the motor vehicle licence then,
  • The motor vehicle owner can complete form ALV and submitting such form to the Registering Authority or Post Office (in the provinces where applicable)

Recording a change of address

  • Where an applicant wishes to submit a change of address as per regulation 32A then form NCP must be completed
  • Form NCP together with the proof of address, such as utility account or affidavit can then be filed as required.”