How long does child grant take to process?

It will take 3 months for SASSA to approve a Child Support Grant application after you have completed and submitted the SASSA child grant forms.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) takes at most 90 days to process an application for the Child Support Grant and after that, approve it.

After the three (3) months period, SASSA would have worked to process your child support grant application and made a decision to either approve or decline your application.

That is why it is very important, to make sure your application goes through by providing all the required information and supporting documents when applying for the SASSA Child Grant.

Will SASSA Approve My Application For Child Support Grant?

Yes, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will approve your application for the SASSA Child Support GrantHowever, to get approved for the grant, you must meet all its requirements.

The child who is going to be the beneficiary must meet all the requirements as well as the parent/guardian who is the caregiver of the child must meet the parent/guardian requirements for the Child Support Grant.

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