How much is an expired license disc?


There is no fixed cost for an expired license disc in South Africa because an expired license disc itself is not a separate item that you can purchase. However, if you are caught driving with an expired license disc, you may be fined, and the amount of the fine depends on the specific offense and the circumstances involved.

If you renew your license disc after the 21-day grace period has expired, you will be charged a penalty fee. The penalty fee increases the longer you delay the renewal of your license disc. The amount of the penalty fee varies depending on the licensing authority and the length of time your license disc has been expired.

To avoid penalty fees and potential fines, it’s important to renew your license disc before it expires and within the 21-day grace period. You can renew your license disc at your local licensing authority, online through the eNatis website, or at a post office that provides licensing services. The cost of renewing your license disc depends on the weight of your vehicle, and it may include other fees such as vehicle inspection or roadworthy certificate fees if applicable.