How to send a “Please Call Me” message with Telkom in South Africa:

Two Methods to Send a “Please Call Me” on Telkom:

Method 1: Using USSD Code (Simple and Free)

This is the most common and convenient way to send a “Please Call Me” on Telkom.

  1. Open the phone app on your Telkom mobile phone.
  2. Dial one of the following USSD codes (depending on your preference):
    • 140recipient’s phone number# (Most Common)
    • #123# -> Option 5 (Please Call Me) -> Enter recipient’s phone number -> Send (Menu Navigation)
  3. Press the “Send” or “Call” button on your phone.

Method 2: Using Telkom App (Optional, Requires Data)

If you have the Telkom App downloaded on your phone with an active data connection, you might be able to send a “Please Call Me” message through the app (functionality may vary depending on the app version). However, this method is less common and not universally available on all Telkom app versions.

  1. Open the Telkom App on your phone.
  2. Login to your Telkom account (if required).
  3. Look for a section related to “Airtime & Bundles” or “Please Call Me” functionality (might vary depending on the app version).** Unfortunately, there isn’t a universally recognized icon or location for this feature within the Telkom App.**
  4. If you find the “Please Call Me” option: Enter the recipient’s phone number and send the request.

Important Notes:

  • The “Please Call Me” service is free to use on Telkom.
  • The recipient will receive a message stating, “The Telkom subscriber at [your phone number] requests you to call back.”
  • This service is intended for situations where you don’t have enough airtime to make a regular call.
  • The recipient is responsible for initiating the call back.
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Additional Tips:

  • You can send “Please Call Me” messages to any mobile network in South Africa, not just Telkom.
  • Consider including a brief reason for requesting a call back in a separate message (if you can’t do it within the Telkom App). This can help the recipient decide whether to call you back right away.

I hope this detailed guide helps you easily send “Please Call Me” messages with Telkom! Remember, the Telkom App method might not be available on all app versions.