Is Unisa still open for applications?

UNISA usually has two primary application periods for undergraduate qualifications:

  1. For the First Semester: Applications typically open around August or September of the previous year and close around October or November.
  2. For the Second Semester: Applications generally open around April and close in May.

For postgraduate qualifications, including Honours degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas:

  • The application period often aligns with that of the first semester undergraduate qualifications, opening around August or September and closing around October or November. However, specific dates can vary based on the faculty and program.

Master’s and Doctoral applications usually have a different timeline and may remain open for longer periods or have specific deadlines set by the respective departments.

These periods are indicative and can vary from year to year. It’s essential to check UNISA’s official website or contact the university directly for the most accurate and current application dates and deadlines or any future academic years. UNISA may also provide updates on application periods through official communications and announcements on their website or social media channels.

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