Do I have to pass every assignment to pass a module?

In summary, while assignments are not compulsory for passing the module, they are strongly recommended for the benefits they offer, including contributing up to 15% towards the final grade. Submitting assignments also facilitates continuous learning and provides a safety net in case of poor exam performance. Group work is encouraged, but individual submission is required.

  • Assignments Are Not Compulsory, But Strongly Advised: Although assignments are not mandatory, submitting them is highly recommended. The rationale is that assignments encourage continuous study, help in early identification of problems, contribute to a year mark which can be beneficial if exam performance is affected, and prevent cramming before exams.
  • Contribution Towards Final Mark: Assignments can contribute up to 15% of the final mark in this course. Each assignment can contribute 5% towards the final mark. This limit is in place because there’s no guarantee the submitted work is entirely the student’s own, especially since group work is allowed.
  • No Penalty for Not Submitting Assignments: If you do not submit assignments, you won’t be disadvantaged directly. All students have automatic entry to the examination, and if no assignments are submitted, the final exam mark will stand as the final grade. However, submitting assignments can only be beneficial as it can contribute up to 15% towards the final mark.
  • Types of Assignments Include Both Informal and Formal: The informal assignment involves introducing yourself on a discussion forum, while there are three formal assignments consisting of multiple-choice questions and a practical exercise. Assignments must be submitted by the specified due dates, and no late submissions are accepted.
  • Submission Methods: Assignments can be submitted electronically via the SOL server or by postal mail. It’s crucial to adhere to the submission deadlines as extensions are not granted, and late assignments are not marked.
  • Group Work Is Encouraged: Students are allowed to work in groups, but each student must submit their own work. Group submissions are not possible for electronic submissions, necessitating individual submissions by each group member.
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