What can I study with 23 points at Unisa?

Understanding the Admission Point Score (APS) you possess is crucial when considering which qualification to pursue. APS serves as the criterion universities use to assess eligibility for enrollment.

The APS is computed based on your final Matric marks, and the minimum scores for various qualifications are as follows:

  • 14 APS Score Courses:
    • An APS of 14 represents a National Senior Certificate/Senior Certificate pass, meeting the minimum Matric requirements but not qualifying for university entry.
    • Courses include NATED courses, Business Management, Educare, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Legal Secretary, Management Assistant, and Marketing Management.
  • 15 APS Score Courses:
    • Achieving an APS of 15 allows for Higher Certificate Pass qualifications.
    • Higher Certificate courses include NATED courses and ICB courses.
  • 17 APS Score Courses:
    • Still within the Higher Certificate pass range, an APS of 17 opens avenues for NATED and ICB courses.
  • 21 APS Score Courses:
    • An APS of 21 indicates a Bachelor’s Pass, qualifying for university entry.
    • You can pursue a wide range of Bachelor’s Degree courses at any university.
  • 23 APS Score Courses:
    • With an APS of 23, you can apply for a variety of Bachelor’s Degree programs at universities. Check for specific requirements for your desired course.
  • 30 APS Score Courses:
    • This APS score allows for studies such as teaching or psychology at universities. Confirm specific course requirements with the respective institutions.
  • Courses for Higher APS Scores:
    • Medicine courses typically require an APS of 35 due to stringent module pass requirements.
    • Engineering courses may vary, with institutions like Wits requiring an APS of 42, while others may ask for an APS of 28. Verify specific requirements with the intended institution.
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It’s important to check each university’s additional requirements for the specific courses you are interested in, as certain programs, like medicine, may demand higher APS scores in specific subjects. Always confirm with the institution for their precise entry requirements.