What is the minimum grade to pass a module?

  • The minimum pass mark for most modules at UNISA is 50%. However, it’s advised to refer to the tutorial letter of the specific module concerned for more detailed information, as there might be exceptions.
  • A distinction, or the predicate “with distinction” for a module, will be recorded when a student achieves a final examination mark of 75%.
  • A qualification is passed “with distinction” (cum laude) if the student has met the following criteria:
  1. Passed all modules for the qualification at UNISA.
  2. Passed all final-level modules at the first attempt.
  3. Attained an overall average of 75% in the qualification.
  4. The mark for any exempted module(s) granted based on modules passed at UNISA will be included in the calculation of the overall average.
  • While modules passed with distinction are not reflected on the certificate, if a qualification has been obtained with distinction, this will be indicated on both the Advance Statement of Results and the certificate.
  • There is a sub-minimum rule: if a student does not achieve a minimum mark of 40% in the summative assessment, the year mark will not be taken into account when calculating the final examination mark.
  • For the research proposal module, it is noted as a non-credit bearing module with no mark awarded for the research proposal itself.

These rules apply to all qualifications, both postgraduate and undergraduate, regardless of the duration of the qualification.

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