Does UniSA offer nursing?

Yes, UNISA does offer nursing qualifications. Specifically, UNISA provides a Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science with a qualification stream in Health Services Management, Education, and Community Health. This undergraduate program is structured to equip students with skills, knowledge, and experience in various critical areas of nursing and healthcare management.

Key Details of the Program:

  • Qualification Code: 0216X – HSM
  • NQF Level: 6
  • Total Credits: 360
  • SAQA ID: 5365
  • APS/AS: 20
  • Duration: The program is designed to be completed over a certain number of years, adhering to the credit structure and NQF level requirements.

Rules and Requirements:

  • The program consists of 30 modules focusing on Health Services Management, Education, and Community Health.
  • Students must submit their Annual Practising Certificate issued by the South African Nursing Council (SANC) or the nursing authority in the relevant country, indicating registration as a general nurse and a midwife.
  • Students not registered as a midwife may only register for the BA (CUR)-HHS stream.
  • The qualification is not open for enrollment to enrolled nurses or auxiliary nurses.
  • Access to a computer or laptop, printer, and the internet is required throughout the course of the studies.

Purpose of the Qualification:

The Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science at UNISA is designed to develop professionals capable of solving problems in professional communication contexts, managing health services administration, providing organizational support in communications environments, and upholding ethical conduct, values, and professionalism in client dealings.

Registration Information:

  • The qualification will be offered until 2024 and is only available to students who were previously registered for this qualification.
  • Applicants must have received an offer of placement from UNISA and accepted the offer online to register.
  • The curriculum and module choices are structured to ensure graduates meet the specified educational outcomes, preparing them for various roles within the nursing and healthcare sectors.
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Additionally, UNISA offers a Master of Arts in Nursing Science for advanced study, focusing on research and specialized nursing fields. This postgraduate qualification is aimed at professional nurses with relevant undergraduate degrees, seeking to deepen their research, leadership, and specialized clinical skills in nursing science.

These programs underscore UNISA’s commitment to providing comprehensive nursing education through its distance learning model, catering to the evolving needs of the healthcare sector.