How do I update my srd banking details status check?

1. Visit the SRD website

Go to, and choose if you are an SA ID card holder or an asylum seeker/permit holder. A new page will open, scroll down to the “how do I change my banking details” tab.

2. Submit your ID Number

To initiate the process, submit your ID Number through the designated channel. This may involve filling out a form or providing your ID Number online, depending on the specific instructions provided by SASSA.

3. Receive SMS with Secure Link

Once your ID Number is submitted, SASSA will send you an SMS containing a unique and secure link to the mobile phone number that you registered during the application process. This link will be exclusive to you and will allow you to proceed with changing your banking details.

4. Click on the Link and Follow the Instructions

Click on the link in the SMS and carefully follow the instructions provided. This may involve providing your updated banking information, such as your bank account number, bank name, and branch code, or verifying your mobile phone number if you choose the money transfer option via one of the major banks.

5. Verification Process for Banking Details

After submitting your updated banking details for banking details, SASSA may conduct a verification process to ensure the accuracy and validity of the information provided. This is done to maintain the security and integrity of the payment system. It’s important to be patient during this step and wait for SASSA to confirm the changes.

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6. Future Payments

Once your R350 grant banking details are verified, the new information will be used for future payments of your SASSA SRD R350 Grant. It is crucial to ensure that you have provided the correct and up-to-date banking details to avoid any delays or issues with receiving your grant.

When updating your banking details, make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information to avoid any potential delays. If you encounter challenges or have specific questions about your situation, it’s advisable to seek assistance by reaching out to SASSA through the helpline or visiting a local office.

Keep records of any communication, reference numbers, or documentation exchanged during this process for future reference. If necessary, consider seeking guidance from a social worker or community organization for additional support.