How do I know if my R350 appeal is approved?

How to check the status of SASSA Appеal?

Thеrе arе two primary mеthods to chеck thе status of your SASSA appеal:

Onlinе Appеal Status Chеck:

  • Visit thе SASSA SRD Grant wеbsitе and navigatе to thе “Appеals” sеction.
  • Crеatе an account or log in using your ID numbеr and mobilе numbеr rеgistеrеd with SASSA.
  • Select the “Chеck Appеal Status” option.
  • Entеr your ID numbеr and thе phonе numbеr usеd during thе application procеss.
  • Your currеnt appеal status will be displayed on thе scrееn.

To check the status of your R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant appeal and determine whether it has been approved, you can follow these steps:

  1. Contact SASSA:
    • Call the SASSA toll-free helpline at 0800 60 10 11. This helpline is dedicated to SRD grant queries. Provide your reference number or any other relevant information and inquire about the status of your appeal.
  2. Visit a SASSA Office:
    • Consider visiting the nearest SASSA office in person. Bring your ID and any documentation related to your appeal. Discuss your appeal status with a SASSA official, who may provide you with information about the decision.
  3. Check Online Platforms:
    • SASSA may have online platforms where you can log in to check your appeal status. Check the official SASSA website or any online portal they provide for updates on your SRD grant appeal.
  4. Use the USSD Code:
    • You can use the USSD code provided by SASSA to check your appeal status. Dial the relevant code on your mobile phone and follow the prompts to inquire about the outcome of your appeal.
  5. Be Patient and Persistent:
    • Processing times may vary, and it may take some time for the appeal decision to be communicated. Be patient and persistent in following up on your appeal status.
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When contacting SASSA, be sure to have your reference number, ID, and any other relevant documentation on hand to provide accurate information about your case. Keep records of any communication, reference numbers, or documentation exchanged during this process for future reference.

If you encounter challenges or have specific questions about your appeal, it’s advisable to seek assistance by reaching out to SASSA through the helpline or visiting a local office. Additionally, if you have access to a social worker or community organization, they may be able to provide guidance and support during the appeal process.