How do you check if R350 grant is approved for today?

Check SASSA Status Through the Website Online

Here are the steps you need to follow to check your status from the online:

  •  Visit the official SASSA website through the link
  • After being redirected to the website, provide your valid South African ID Number and the Cell Phone Number that you used to submit the application.
  • After providing your ID Number and Phone Number, click on the “submit” button. Your status will be shown immediately on the screen.

It is a convenient method to check your status without any delay and without going anywhere.

3. Check SASSA SRD Status Via Moya App – Data Free Method

The other method I like is checking the SRD application status through the Moya App. It is a data-free method, and you only need an internet connection to download the app.

Once the Moya app is downloaded, you will not need the internet and will be able to check your status without the internet. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Download the Moya App from PlayStore (This step requires an internet connection).
  • After the app is downloaded, open the application, navigate to the “Discovery” tab, and select the “SASSA GRANT”.
  • Now select the “SASSA SRD status” from the menu and click on “Application Status”.
  • Enter your ID number, Mobile Number and click the “submit” button.
  • After clicking the submit button, your status will be shown promptly on the screen.

4. Check SASSA SRD Status Through SMS

You can also check your SASSA grant status through SMS by following steps:

  • Open the text messaging app on your mobile.
  • Type the message “SASSA [ID Number]”. ID number should be your valid South African ID.
  • Send this message to 082 046 8553.
  • You will receive a response with the information of your current SASSA R350 grant status.
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5. Check SRD R350 status via WhatsApp

If you are unable to access the portal, you can also check your application status by WhatsApp. Here are the steps:

  • First, add the phone number 082 046 8553 to your WhatsApp contact list.
  • Now send the word “SASSA” to that WhatsApp number.
  • After the response, reply with the word “STATUS
  • You will be asked for a reference number in the chat, reply with “YES” (Only reply with “YES” if you already have the reference number).
  • Now you will be asked for your mobile number, provide your mobile number (the number you used at the time of registration for SRD grant)
  • After that, reply with your reference number in the chat.
  • You will receive a response with your current status.

6. Check Your R350 Status Via Call

If you don’t like the website or message method to check your SASSA status and feel the need to verify your status by real human interaction, then you can simply call on SASSA call center number 0800 601 011 to verify your application or payment status.