Why is my SASSA approved but no SMS?

If your SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) application has been approved, but you haven’t received an SMS notification, there could be several reasons for this. Here are some possible explanations:

  1. Delay in SMS delivery: Sometimes, there may be delays in the delivery of SMS notifications. Network issues, technical problems, or a backlog of messages can contribute to this delay.
  2. Incorrect contact information: Ensure that the contact information provided in your SASSA application is accurate. If there is a mistake in your phone number or other contact details, you may not receive the SMS.
  3. Network issues: Temporary network issues or downtime in the mobile network can impact the delivery of SMS messages.
  4. SASSA system processing time: It’s possible that the approval SMS is still in the process of being generated or sent out by the SASSA system. This can take some time depending on the volume of applications being processed.
  5. Check your spam or junk folder: Sometimes, SMS messages may be marked as spam or end up in the junk folder of your messaging app. Check these folders to see if the approval SMS was filtered.
  6. Contact SASSA directly: If you have waited for a reasonable amount of time and still haven’t received the SMS, consider contacting SASSA directly. They can provide information about the status of your application and confirm whether the approval SMS was sent.

To contact SASSA:

  • SASSA Toll-Free Helpline: 0800 60 10 11
  • Local SASSA offices: Visit your local SASSA office in person.
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It’s essential to follow up promptly to ensure that there are no issues with your application and to receive the necessary information for further steps.

You can update your banking details using the banking details update form. SASSA will only pay into a bank account which belongs to you. All transfers are reviewed each month to check for compliance to the requirements to receive the relief grant. Until the system confirms that you still meet the requirements for the month you will not be paid.